About us

About us

Focus on the following fields:

  • Nature Language Processing in Medicine
  • Data Mining in Medical Database
  • Biological Database
  • Others

Regular Meeting

We hold a meeting in the lab at PM 5:30 every Tuesday, we’ll appreciate your attendance.

What is Data Mining ?

Simply stated, data mining refers to extracting or “mining” knowledge from large amounts of data. The term is actually a misnomer. Remember that the mining of gold from rocks or sand is referred to as gold mining rather than rock or sand mining. Thus, data mining should have bee more appropriately named “knowledge mining from data,” which is unfortunately somewhat long. “Knowledge mining,” a shorter term, may not reflect the emphasis on mining from large amounts of data. Nevertheless, mining is a vivid term characterizing the process that fins a small set of precious nuggets from a great deal of raw material. Thus, such a misnomer that carries both “data” and “mining” became a popular choice. There are many other terms carrying a similar or slightly different meaning to data mining, such as knowledge mining from database, knowledge extraction, data/pattern analysis, data archaeology, and data dredging.

refer to Data Mining Concepts and Techniques, Jiawei Han

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