1. M.D., Dept. of Medicine, College of Medicine, NTU, Taiwan 1978
2. Visiting Research Fellow, Dept. of Pathology (DFCI), Harvard Medical School, USA 1989
3. Ph.D., Graduate Institute of Clinical Research, College of Medicine, NTU, Taiwan 1994

Professional Experience

1. Institute of Biomedical Engineering, NTU Associate Professor, 1998-present
2. Institute of Preventive Medicine, NTU Associate Professor, 2001-present
3. School of Medicine, NTU Associate Professor, 1998-present
4. Dept. of Internal Medicine, National Taiwan University Hospital, Attending Physician, 1985-present
5. Center for Biomedical Engineering, NTU Associate Professor, 1995-1998


1. Internal medicine
2. Gastroenterology
3. Digestive endoscopy
4. Molecular biology
5. Database processing

Research Interests

1. Gastroenterology
2. Digestive endoscopy
3. Molecular biopsy
4. Database processing

Selected Publications

1. Yow H, Wong JM, Chen HS, Lee C, Steele Jr. GD, Chen LB. Increased mRNA Expression of a Laminin-binding Protein in Human Colon Carcinoma: Complete Sequence of a Full-length c DNA Encoding the Protein. Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA 1988; 85: 6394-6398.
2. Mafune K, Ravikumar TS, Wong JM, Yow H, Chen LB, Steele Jr. GD. Expression of a Mr 32,000 Laminin-binding Protein in Human Colon Carcinoma Correlates with Disease Progression. Cancer Res. 1990; 50:3888-3891.
3. Steele Jr. GD, Davis S, Yow H, Wong JM, Rivers EN, Summerhayes IC, Ravikumar TS, Chen LB. Alternations of Gene Expression in Human Colorectal Cancer Progression. Arch. Surg. 1990; 125: 493-497.
4. Mafune K, Wong JM, Staniunas RJ, Lu ML, Ravikumar TS, Chen LB, Steele Jr. GD. Ubiquitin Hybrid Protein Gene Expression During Human Colon Cancer Progression. Arch Surg. 1991; 126: 462-466.
5. Wong JM, Mafune K, Yow H, Rivers EN, Ravikumar TS, Steele Jr. GD, Chen LB. Ubiquitin-Ribosomal Protein S27a Gene Overexpressed in Human Colorectal Carcinoma is an Early Grwoth Response Gene. Cancer Res. 1993; 53: 1916-1920.
6. Wong JM. The Biological Role of Genes Overexpressed in Colorectal Cancer. Ph.D. Graduate Thesis, 1994; Graduate Institute of Clinical Research, National Taiwan University, Taipei, Taiwan.
7. Wong JM, Wang CY, Wang TH. A Videoendoscopic Image Filing System with Combined Feature of Analogic and Digital Storage. Biomed Eng Appl Basis & Comm. 1995; 7: 397-401.
8. Wei SC, Wong JM, Wang CY. Endoscopic Resection of Gastrointestinal Submucosal Tumors Hepato-Gastroenterology 1998; 45: 114-119.
9. Ko CI, Hung CC, Chen MY, Hsueh PR, Hsiao CH, Wong JM. Endoscopic Diagnosis of Intestinal Penicillinosis Marneffei: Report of Three Cases and Review of the Literature. Gatrointest. Endoscopy 1999; 50: 111-114.
10. Chen HHT, Yen MF, Lai MS, Koong SL, Wang CY, Wong JM, Prevost TC, Duffy SW. Evaluation of a Selective Screening for Colorectal Carcinoma: The Taiwan Multicenter Cancer Screening (TAMCAS) Project. Cancer. 1999; 86: 1116-28.
11. Hung CC, Chen PJ, Hsieh SM, Wong JM, Fang CT, Chang SC, Chen MY. Invasive Amoebiasis: an Emerging Parasitic Disease in Patients Infected with HIV in an Area Endemic for Amoebic Infection. AIDS 1999; 13: 2421-2428.
12. Wei SC, Wong JM, Wang CY. Endoscopy in Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome Patients with Culture Negative Diarrhea. Gastrointest. Endoscopy 2000; 51: 427-32.
13. Wang MH, Wong JM, Huang SF, Wang CY. GVHD-like Syndrome in Malignant Thymoma. Scan. J. Gastroenterol. 2000; 35: 667-670.
14. Wang MH, Wong JM. Lien HC, Lin CW, Wang CY. Colonoscopic Manifestations of Primary Colorectal Lymphoma. Endoscopy 2001; 33: 605-609.

Laboratory of Medical Database Management

Research Field:

Medical Database Management

Computers, Data Mining Software Package etc.

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